It can be a costly task to relocate your car from your old home to a new one. When it comes to different vehicles, it is not only time-consuming but also tricky. Especially when you move interstate or inter-country, the stakes double. We understand the feelings you have with your vehicle, whether it’s your regular SUV or an elegant BMW. The movement of a car from one location to another is not just about putting it on a truck, moving it on its own and having it towed away.

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What is the handy vehicle moving tips for your upcoming move beneficial for?

Whether you’re driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, driving it to your new home might seem fast. It can definitely end up hard on the wallet and become an expensive thing, given the range and the gas you’ll use to travel through different states. Don’t forget to consider the cost of transferring paperwork and licenses to a new state or country. More importantly, the time factor that might otherwise have been used to plan a vacation or to relax in the new city is also important.

Thus, moving with a professional vehicle relocation company like Relocato Removals could be the safest bet. We not only have a separate enclosed car trailer to carry the cars to your desired destination and ensure the vehicles are delivered securely to their destinations. However, the vehicles are also picked up from the customers home/office and delivered to the desired location in accordance with the requirements of the customers.


A handy vehicle moving tips for your upcoming move:

If you choose to move in with a qualified moving company, they offer you a few handy tips for a seamless moving experience.

1. Prepare your vehicle before handing it to the experts.

2. Ensure that the battery of the vehicle is fully charged in order to retain it throughout the sea journey.

3. For safety reasons, make sure that the fuel tank is below the minimum level.

4. To avoid unnecessary leakage of batteries, deactivate all sensors in the vehicle.

5. Test the weather of the destination country/city and if you’d like coolant and anti-freeze for it.

6. To ensure maximum protection, eliminate all accessories.

7. Until giving the car to the automobile relocation team, test for any liquid leakage.

8. Hold a spare set of keys easy when walking.

9. Always make sure that you submit original PUC (Pollution Control Certificate) and duplicate signed RC copies, Voter ID card or Aadhar card insurance certificates for easy relocation with the relocation company.

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Services provided by the Relocato Removals:

1. Packing & Moving.

2. Moving corporate offices.

3. Moving fine art.

4. Moving the pet.

5. Shifting of the vehicle.

6. Rent a car.

7. Facility for storage.

8. Visa and immigration.

9. Search for the home.

10. Assistance with relocation.

The above are the services that are provided by the Relocato Removals for relocation.

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